Friday, May 8, 2009

ODM unequivocal -----> SOLD

Naratif Body :
ODM watch. (Original, Dynamic, Minimal). SKU: ST44-1 , seri UNEQUIVOCAL. QUART. WR 100 m. silver dial senada dengan nuansa silver polished pada square casing. Sub second dial. Screw down crown. diameter 32mm with crown - thickness 11mm. kategori LADIES watch.Strap original, Band: Black Polyurethane Strap with stainless steel buckle.

next information :

O.D.M. (Original, Dynamic, Minimal) Watches is a watch brand which adopts a philosophy that illustrates itself in original designs, dynamic functions and minimal artificiality. O.D.M. offers different watch collections suitable for everyone, designed according to professional high standards. In addition O.D.M. is a dynamic designer watch brand targeting at a niche of young-at-heart, style-driven and design-conscious people in the worldwide market of watches. Undoubtedly, the O.D.M. brand, now is a significant name in the world of horology and timekeeping.

Since it foundation in 1999 O.D.M. has been producing 5 lines of watches:

1. Cool/Tasteful: fro young people of 25-35, independent, stylish and interested in Art. This line includes such models as Uncompromising I, Unobtrusive, Ingenious III, Assertive I and III.

2. Smart Executive: for educated, intelligent and smartly dressed people. The collection includes Unequivocal, Unpretentious, Mysterious I and Perceptive II models.

3. Leisure Traveller: the buyer of this category are very communicative, energetic and always young at heart. This line is represented by Uncompromising II, Adventurous II, Ingenious I and Visionary models.

4. Sporty/Active: for dynamic, open-minded people who appreciate active stykle of life and rock music. The line includes such models as Unerring, Precise II and III, Vigourous II.

5. Pop/Trendy: for youngsters of 15-25 interested in fashion, movies and pop music. The collection consists of Mysterious V and IV, Vivid II models.


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