Tuesday, September 29, 2009

seiko vintage 6119-8163 / SOLD OUT

next Item :
Seiko5 automatic, cal 6119-8163. 17 jewels. day-date. spesies from 60's.


Saturday, September 19, 2009

met lebaran.....

berbagi Kemenangan dengan para pengunjung.....,

Thursday, September 17, 2009

AERIS Epic - hoseless computer wrist (SOLD)

next SCUBA gear :
Dive computer AERIS Epic. Tehnologi non connect hose. Wrist Computer - complete system, with PC cable (dive log USB transfer).
Barang masih baru in BOX. JUST .... ONLY 1 item!!!! buruan....,

additional :
  • untuk detil spesifik intip SINI.
  • pelajari FITUR lengkap silahkan intip SINI


BCD Tirgata T-REX (SOLD)

spesifikasi :
Buoyancy compensator as diving gear. size M, merk TIRGATA seri T-rex. varian colour Black and blue. HANYA 1 item stok!!! barang baru ...gres!!!!! Masih lengkap Hose direct feed.
Ayo....ayo.... silahkan bila gemar dan minat!!!!


beberapa versi penampakan....,

tampak depan.....

tampak miring....

tampak belakang....

tampak bawah....

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

FS : seiko tuwir...cal 7005-7001

Deskripsi :
seiko automatic 17 jewels, blue navy dial. caliber 7005-7001. still good running well, dome crystal glass. diameter 37mm include crown. thickness 10mm. There no O-ring on the frame of back case (pressed type). NOT SUGGESTION for water activities. Simply namun berkarakter. penampilan unik pada indeks hours (non numerals). genre Vintage kluaran taon 70-an.

input reference : A 7005-7001 from November 1970. The other Seikos of the early 70s also had a marked design element to them. Not very common with the magnifying crystal so I assume this has been added to the original. This looks very similar to the Presmatic in a part 7. taken from other LINK

asking price : Rp 475.000,- (include sending cost)

insider movement

similiar with style of my OLMA.
jika minat liat spesifikasi OLMA intip di SINI

Monday, September 7, 2009

seiko5 superior

quick indications :
Seiko5 Superior. cal 7S36-5000, WR 50M. Automatic movement 23 jewels. Solid stainless material (look at the bracellet). rada-rada nuansa VINTAGE! Dial Hitam dengan tekstur burat garis. Kaca terdapat garis retak sebelah kiri. Keseluruhan kujur original part.
status masih butuh penanganan servis lebih lanjut.

asking price : Rp 275.000,- (include sending cost)

Thursday, September 3, 2009

ELOGA watch ---> SOLD

Eloga : meeting every challenge

It was in 1917 that Fritz and Hans Spahr opened their watchmaking-shop in Lengnau, in the canton of Berne. Launching a business then needed a strog dose of confidence in the future.
During this epoch-making period of history, the Swiss watchmaking industry continued tu progress both qualitatively and quantitatively. The timepieces produced by the Spahr brothers under the brand name Eloga slowly but surely gained in prestige and importance.
Like all watch manufacturers during the first quarter of this century, the Spahrs experienced the difficult years of the 1920 – 23 world-wide crisis and of restructuration in the watch industry, punctuated by periods of recovery. Later, they had to survive the Great Depression.

Spahr Junior : a wind of change

When Fritz Spahr retired, his son Fritz Junior had the onerous task of taking over the company’s sales operations. Supported by his uncle, he displayed the necessary courage, perseverance and commitment to overcome every economic obstacle put in Eloga’s path and to continue the harmonious development of the company.

1941 : an act of faith

The company demonstrated another act of faith by building a new factory in 1941, in the middle of the Second World War. Built near the station in Lengnau, the premises were ultra-modern, meeting the demands of increasingly sophisticated manufacturing methods. It was not long before Fritz Spahr Junior’s solid solid training, profesional skills and experience helped to increase and diversify the company’s production of wrist watches, Eloga’s speciality.
After becoming managing director in 1951, he continued to guide the company with his customary brillance and foresight until his premature death in 1965.

Under female management

His window Grety took over the company’s reins and competently shouldered all her husband’s responsabilities, ably assisted by her daughter Gisela and Walter Renfer, an assistant to the general management.

At this time, the professional press named Eloga as one of the leading specialists in sports watches, particularly divers’ models.
Its tradition of quality and creativity is still in good hands, with production now concentrated on gold timepieces set with top quality precious stones and diamonds. The finishing of the gold, the scrupulous selection and perfect setting of the precious stones, and the attention paid by each master craftsman to a host of tiny details transforminspiration into a truly elegant timepiece. This is what fine watchmaking is all about !
Every timepiece – whether it is for evening or gala occasions, town wear or sporting activities, or a special limited edition – benefits from the golden touch of Eloga’s master watchmaker.

TZARINA collection

Quartz / Chrono
Case 85 White Diamonds 1.31 ct.

Trans-lingual :

arloji ini kategori ladies watch. diameter 35mm include crown. tipe chronograph - Quart movement. Ber-aura fashionable dengan semat diamonds. 3 ATM water proof. Saphir glass.


black dial - 3 sub circle with 3 differ colors

angka 1928 = tahun pendirian awal... berhias diamond

tepi crown jg berhias angka 28...

open the back case...

grafir pada back case...

Quart ETA movement cal 251.471 - 23 jewels

original buckle on leather strap...