Sunday, May 3, 2009

items READY stock....,

Bagi pengunjung yg blom sempat liat-2 OLDER POST, berikut saya rewind kilas tampil beberapa arloji yg masih ready stock. to all visitor, may be you have missed link to see an older post. there's several items that still in ready stock. here they are...., * Tag Heuer, Classic 2000. (SOLD OUT) * Rotary-Chronograph. (SOLD OUT) * MIchel Jordi, EThno Diver 1991. harga 2 Jt. * Citizen Eco-drive, (SOLD OUT) * Rado Diastar - Original series. (SOLD OUT) * Rado Florence- Blue dial. (SOLD OUT)

see detil dengan bukak postingan lama.., let's get clear and complete info of them. biar gak tebak kucing... maksudnya "arloji" dalam karung. Sorry binti maaf... blepotan dwi-bahasa. But I hope you'll be easy to mengerti.
Note: kcuali wajah si Citizen yg gak bisa nongol lagi. see on older post ya!!!
Thanks all,

Citizen - Ecodrive, Quart/ SOLD OUT - thx Mataram

Quart/SOLD OUT thx Mataram

Quart / SOLD OUT
.Quart.. (ready stock!!)

Automatic / SOLD OUT thx Bli Bali

Quart / Sold OUT makasih Denpasar.

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