Sunday, November 15, 2009

GLYCINE vintage 60's (SOLD)

referensi WIKIPEDIA

Glycine-Watch is a Swiss watchmaker, perhaps most famous for its World War II inspired military-styled watches. Glycine-Watch was founded by Eugene Meylan in 1914, and since, then the company has been producing watches at its factory in Bienne, Switzerland. The company initially gained popularity as a manufacturer of high-quality watches, and was especially noted for its small movements. In 1931, the company introduced the Glycine Eugene Meylan SA, which is prized by collectors even today. In 1934, the company introduced the Chronometer range, which satisfied all the Official Swiss Quality Control criteria. The company, despite the Great Depression and the Second World War, managed to survive. In 1952, the company introduced the Vacuum chronometers line, which was particularly famous for their ruggedness and high resistance to shocks and water. In 1953, Glycine-Watch introduced the Airman line, which is still continued today and is currently the company’s signature line. The company did survive the crisis of the 70s, and in 1984 was sold to Hans Brechb¸hler. Hans Brechb¸hler, and later his daughter Katherina, led the company’s turnaround by introducing newer watches like Tjalk, Heavy Duty, Goldshiweld and Amaranth.

spesies ini mengingatkan pada model Rolex. date just. aura dual tone. Ring Gerigi yg mungkin lapis emas. kaca masih bahan mika. Masih ksulitan prediksi Glycine ini tipe apa. dari hasil padu-padan mendekati tipe Glycine-Compressor. hanya beda caliber mesin. yang jenis ini cal ETA 2783. Generik vintage pada jaman-nya.
Gak seperti Paritas Glycine lain..seri AIRMAN yang memang jelas-jelas ikonik produk khas Glycine.


crown unik ber-tato 100% W-P

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