Thursday, August 15, 2013

Appella geneve (SOLD)

Deskripsi : Apella geneve - Sapphire. Dial putih - non numeral index. dual tone. Bodi dan rantai baja dipadu tonasi sepuh emas 18K. Dibubuh noktah 4 penjuru dengan semat diamonds 8 biji. Indeks hours 11 biji diamonds. Safir kristal. Lebar rantai 20mm. Diameter 34mm with crown. thickness 6mm. Quartz Ronda movement. tipe Dressy - Ladies watch...  rentang Rantai cukup panjang. All original parts. No box.. no paper.

Sejarah brand Appella dimulai sejak tahun 1943. Beberapa karya pabrik merilis tipe mewah dengan bahan emas padat. Sekilas cuplik perihal "coorporate profile" bilang gini...., 
Appella, synonymous with flawless Swiss craftsmanship, is the quintessence of quality Swiss watches. Appella Sarl, a traditional Swiss watchmaker, started making its first timepieces from early January 1943. Since then Appella has dedicatedly kept pace with the changing tastes and requirements. Appella, belongs to the elite category of the Swiss watch manufacturers who produce, Solid Gold watches. Currently, the brand is registered in over 70 countries worldwide and Appella successfully blends forward-looking styles with quality features, resulting in the most fashionable timepieces that are both elegant and practical.
Appella maintains regional corporate hubs in Los Angeles (USA) and Dubai (UAE).


Crown masih tipe ori lengkap logo resmi

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