Wednesday, September 15, 2010

RADO Florence Regional ----> SOLD

kategori arloji tipe Dress-watch....,
The simply-silver nebula. MALE Quartz watch. Rado Florence Regional. Silver Dial. Tampang casing depan membentuk patahan siku namun berkesan dinamis. Non numeral Indeks. multi "V" engraved dial. Casing totalitas satin polished coating... mirror looks-like!
Diameter 'boy-size' 32mm with crown. Cukup opsi menarik bagi atribut UNISEX. Terbilang performa ceper karena tebal hanya 6mm. All original parts. Sapphire Crystal glass.. anti gores. Hidden Folding clasp.

Ready gonna Dress for Succes? Order it ..and I will send to your Address...



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