Friday, February 5, 2010

Orient KING DIVER (sold)

Diver vintage watch....,
ORIENT King Diver (military watch), AAA ~ calibre 1942. 21 jewels, Dial Green tone aura "Sun burst". Diameter 45mm include crown. internal rotating bezel. Ancient... vintage watch circa 60's. All functionable feature. Running well. Without an original bracellet of Orient. now used a rubber strap.
There are Button & 2 crowns : *2 hour index ~ press button for Date set. *3 hour index ~ Crown Hours set. *4 hour index ~ crown for rotating inner bezel.

referensi lain bilang gini....,
Authentic ORIENT AAA crytal diver watch, vietnam soldier SOG , SEAL member love to choose this type in the early 1960's . Jarge and Rugged heaviest , most easier to read diver watch and safety inner rotating fixed fluted bezel with depth safety sacle. The movement is variation on the rugged 1942 series, Thus. rugged, reliable and built to run for many years with minimum maintenance. 38 mm big size ACRYLIC crystal bigger than any watch at 60's Also this is RARE version.

This is choice for the spec-ops, Navy Seal, UDT, SAS and Australian Divers. Approximately over 20 years, these watches earned them the right to be used by armies such as Czech, Polish, French Navy , German Federal, some Nordic countries, SAS and Australian Divers and also by the US Navy ( SEAL , underwater demolition team, frogman).

Terjemahin simple:

Awal tahun 60-an, Orient tipe ini sempat menjadi prototipe "wajib-sandang" di kalangan militer. Nuansa jargon yang pas..berat dan kasar. Namun performa kinerja sangat handal dan perawatan gak ribet. Mengenakan kaca mika gede yang tidak umum pada masa-nya. Juga versi LANGKA loh!!!

Pada standar operasi militer menjadi asesoris menu wajib bagi personil militer (pasukan khusus) mancanegara. Nyaris bertahan sebagai ikonik selama 20an tahun. Sebut saja SAS (Special Air Service), Navy UDT (Underwater Demolition team), MACV-SOG (Military Assistance Command Vietnam-Studies & Observation Group). and the "DST" ~ is non military abbreviation caused long term of Dan SeTerusnya,


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