Sunday, January 10, 2010

baby G-Shock X-TREME -----> SOLD

CASIO digital baby G-shock, X-treme series 720 degrees. BGX-120 (1559). Terje Haakonsen model. Made in Japan. WR 10 BAR. White color base case ~ Peppermint green color on main dial. Feature : day-date~countdown timer~stop watch~Alarm (all functionable). Lume indicator still good performance with "dots" looks like skate-board player shown model on tiny circle display if pressed light button. Strap resin but not the original one. Diameter 42mm. This specimen priority for female...but no problema for Male with small wrist. Wear it...and feels the soul of vintage 90's... the spirit of digital's rising by Casio. Digit-all...on the time piece!


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