Monday, October 5, 2009


Description :
Seiko5 SPORTS Speedimer - Chronograph, automatic - 21 jewels. Caliber 6138-0020. Rare Item. Some said as Seiko "Tokei Zara" or "bowl-watch" famous in Japan Market only. Black color on main dial, with above & below sub dial. Diameter of casing 43mm including crown. Look similiar with casing of Seiko Helmet. Still good running... chrono system functionable. Quick reset...,
Come'on... take it back on '70!!!

note : tadi sy pikir ini adalah paritas Seiko UFO, ternyata bukan... mudah dideteksi gak seperti julukan "Un-identify flying Object".

sold OUT

sub below dial on GREY

serial number : 251624

thickness 14mm

push button with some circle link.

inside caliber 6138B

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