Tuesday, March 3, 2009

bulova Accutron - cal 214H

Produk ini juga lumayan Jadul. vintage...., sedikit gambaran berikut saya sertakan rangkai penjelas yang saya sisip comot (gak selengkap-nya)dari data naratif History of BULOVA WATCH Company.Sekedar sejarah pendirian awal mula... hingga muncul item Accutron.

1875 Joseph Bulova, a 23-year-old Czech immigrant, opens a small jewelry shop on Maiden Lane in New York City.

1912 Bulova sets up its first plant dedicated to the production of watch components and their assembly into jeweled movements in Bienne, Switzerland.

1952 Bulova begins developing Accutron, the first breakthrough in timekeeping technology in over 300 years. Accutron, the first fully electronic watch, promises to keep time to within 2 seconds a day.

1961 Accutron, the first watch to keep time through electronics, is introduced. It is the most spectacular breakthrough in timekeeping since the invention of the wrist watch. This revolutionary timekeeping concept of a watch without springs or escapement is operated by an electronically activated tuning fork. The Accutron watch goes on to become a presidential gift to world leaders and other dignitaries. President Johnson declares it the White House's official "Gift of State."

1962 The Accutron Tuning-fork watch becomes the first wristwatch certified for use by railroad personnel. 1962 is also the year that Bulova introduces its Caravelle line of jeweled watches. Designed to retail at $10.95 to $29.95, Caravelle competes with non-jeweled watches in the same price range.

Dapet-nya dalam kondisi tanpa strap. buntung - kutung! denyut listrik masih terasa (baterai terpasang) tapi gak mampu putar kinerja rotor. Pingin servis tapi blom ada yg mampu handle. Non date. Silver dial. Non numeral indeks. Kaca Doom acrilik. Diameter 36mm ~ Thickness 13mm. Crown unik terletak pada back case. Grafir 'M7' pada body mesin & back case terkait kode tahun produksi 1967. Kaliber mesin 214 H.
Hasil browse info by internet ni, Back-case dengan Tuning Fork ini ternyata cukup punya nilai lumayan. ada yang menghargai US$ 60. well! it's really valuable collecting one.

Tawaran bagi advance hobbiest - Restoration project suitable for advance Hobbiest level.

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